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How To Block A Knitted Shawl

How To Block A Knitted Shawl

Did your shawl look like a big messy lump after binding off? Give your knitted or crocheted shawl some shape with blocking!

how to block a lace shawl Once finish knitting and binding off a lace shawl, you may be a bit ‘at a loss’ for how to finish the project. If you haven’t 

How To Block A Knitted or Crocheted Shawl. If you’ve ever knitted or crocheted a shawl, you may have noticed it needs a little help after.

I’ve done some posts before on how to block hats and how to wet block shawls, but today is about steam blocking! It’s so simple. You’re gonna 

Learn everything you about how to block knitting in this article from the. be the best choice for an intricate and heavily patterned lace shawl.

It wasn’t long ago that blocking was a complete mystery to me. I finished my knitting, admired my handwork and that was that. Nothing was

This is a tutorial on how to block your hand knit triangle shawls. I use blocking wires and a spin dryer but you can block any shawl with the